Thursday, April 14, 2011

List of Fours

Imagine my surprise when my new blog friend Mel tagged me in the List of Fours and invited me to play too. Thanks Mel.

Here are a few things you may not know ...

Four Shows you Watch!
1. Packed to the Rafters
2. 7th Heaven
4. The View

Four things you are Passionate about!
1. My Family
2. My Kaszazz Business
3. Crafting and reading
4. Life

Four words/phrases you say alot!
1. It's a dull day when you don't learn something new
2. Hum de dum (Pooh Bear)
3. Are you out of bed yet? (Parents of teenagers will understand)
4. Let's hit the road Jack

Four things you have learnt about the past!
1. Learn from your mistakes
2. Try not to make the same mistakes your parents made
3. Be bold, be strong - just do it
4. Life is fragile - make the most of it while you can

Four places you would like to go!
1. Ireland
2. Canada
3. The rest of Australia
4. New Zealand

Four things you did yesterday!
1. Housework
2. Work
3. Cooking
4. Mum's taxi (so what's new?)

Four things you are looking forward to!
1. A sleep in ... I won't hold my breath :(
2. Catching up with friends
3. Spending time with family over Easter
4. Watching my daughter dance at the Australian Irish Dancing Championships in September

Four things you love about spring!
1. Cooler weather after summer (no humidity)
2. Warmer weather after winter
3. Flowers blooming in the garden
4. Hayfever ... NOT!!

Now 4 people to tag along!
Don't forget to let them know
1. Tania a very talented lady whose blog I always check out
2. Kim one of my team members, a great friend and a very experienced scrapper
3. Alicia another talented lady with a great blog
4. Cheryl the creator of many a gorgeous Kaszazz workshop

Please check out the blogs of these very talented ladies. They are a constant source of inspiration.

Until next time

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  1. Hey

    I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded your blog with the Liebster award.
    You probably already have received this but if I can send some of my followers now and in the future to follow your blog I will be happy to do that!

    Check out my blog for details

    Thanks Mel